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New Year, New Lessons, Winter 20201

Lessons Learned from Fall 2020

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Creating Connection and Community in Our Online Classes

Assessment in the online world — equity and honesty

Contributed Blog Entries

A curated collection of individual reflections from K College colleagues. A forum to share experiences through blog posts, short videos, podcasts, or other forms showcasing ideas that worked in spring online courses.   Please contact Rick if you’d like to contribute an entry here.

Five Things

A series of short blog entries (many with videos) organized to let you see the topics at a glance and engage with the ones that are interesting and useful to you.

Example Weekly Course Schedules

There are many new constraints on our course designs in these uncertain pandemic times — maintaining an online core to be ready for a sudden pivot to distance learning if needed, accommodating on-campus students with social distancing, accommodating students who must study at a distance for any of a number of pandemic-related situations. We’d like to somehow accomplish all these things within a single course design to avoid feeling the need to offer several versions of each course simultaneously. We have invited all our colleagues to share their ideas about weekly schedules that allow them to meet these constraints in their own particular courses. Please add to this growing resource by sending your ideas to Rick.

Quick Hits

This is a series of very short entries that address specific issues and questions. Send your questions to Rick or Josh. We’ll answer quickly, documenting the solutions here.

Deeper Dives

A series of one-topic blog entries and videos, each dedicated to a single technical or pedagogical tool.

Live Events

In taking “how to teach online” webinars and online workshops this spring and summer, we’ve learned that multi-hour live events with large numbers of simultaneous participants are not the most effective learning environments, and for that reason we don’t plan to offer that kind of programming this summer. Instead, we provide here lots of content to engage at your own time and pace, interspersed with short and focused live events.

  • Wednesday, July 22, we talked about choosing synchronous or asynchronous activities to meet learning goals and test-drove some effective practices for setting the Climate in video meeting, and
  • Wednesday, July 29, we thought through the many constraints on our course designs in the pandemic era and began to put together workable weekly class schedules that meet those constraints.

PowerPoint Slides and Recordings from those sessions can be found in the General Channel at the Teaching Commons Teams Site.