Customize your background image in Teams

An important note: The steps below work for me in the Teams App on Windows 10. We’ve come to realize that different operating systems have different features and behavior. If you have a Mac, Chromebook, or use the browser-based Teams site, please let everyone know how/if this works for you in the comments below. Thanks!

The Teams platform is improving week by week, and custom background images have become so much easier to do. Here are the steps, in pictures:

Select the three dots in the menu ribbon
Select “Show background effects”
Select “+Add new”. You can then navigate to the image file stored on your computer that you want to use for the background.
press “preview” to see a little teaser in the left hand corner, or take the plunge and hit “Apply”
Me and my photo of the Neowise comet.

K College Background Image

Thanks to Noriko Sugijori and Craig Simpson, we have the attractive K-themed background image pictured below. Right click here and select “save link as” to save it to your computer.

Kalamazoo College Theme Background Image

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  1. The same steps work for me on my (2013) MacBook Pro. My iPad doesn’t let me customize the background, but it does let me blur it. CAS

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