Online Course Evaluations

According to votes of the faculty, course evaluations are distributed and filled out by students online.   

  • The online evaluations will be available to students during 10th week of each term.   Students will receive an email with instructions at the beginning of that time period.  
  • It is not possible to process any paper-and-pencil forms — all courses will have online evaluations. 
  • In keeping with our past practice and to achieve the highest possible response rates,  we encourage instructors to set aside at least 15 minutes during a 10th-week class meeting for students to fill out course evaluations.  
  • In addition we encourage you to include the link in your correspondence with students throughout 10th week in Teams, email, Moodle, etc. 
  • Please read the faculty-approved introduction below to your students.   That message will also be included in an email to students accompanying the online survey. 
  • OPTIONAL Custom Questions: During 9th week only it is possible for instructors to augment the standard K College survey questions with up to 5 customized survey questions in their own course evaluations: 
  • OPTIONAL Time Window Selection: During 9th week only it is possible for instructors to select a narrower time window for students to access the evaluation for their class: 
  • Log in  at using your long-form K college email address (
  • Select the “Anytime” link for your course and then “Enable limited window evaluations for this course”.  Select when to make the evaluation available to students by specifying the class day and start time. 
  •  Also be sure to select the days that follow. (Evaluation forms should remain available for students to complete afterwards.) 
  •  We’ve made a short video showing the needed steps
  • If you don’t modify the time window, your evaluations will be available to students throughout 10th week. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Administering evaluations during a time outside the 10th week window requires special set-up; email courseevals  if you need a time outside of 10th week. 

10th Week Instructions:   

Faculty-approved message to students:  
(this will be included in the initial email to students announcing the availability of the online course evaluations)  
“This course evaluation gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience in the course. Thoughtful, specific comments are particularly useful. Your feedback will be shared with the instructor after final grades have been submitted, and also with department chairs, program directors and administrators involved in retention, tenure, and promotion as well as assessment and planning of teaching and learning activities at Kalamazoo College.  Course evaluations will remain available for you to complete online through Sunday.” 

Procedure and Timeline:   

  • The faculty voted to use the questions on this evaluation form in all classes.   
  • A link to the online evaluation platform will be included in the email to students on Monday of tenth week.  If there is any confusion, you can simply point students to  Upon logging in with their long form email address, students will see links to only those courses in which they are registered 
  • Students who have not yet completed the online evaluation form for a course will receive subsequent reminder emails through the end of 10th week. 
  • The responses from each online form as well as a wide variety of statistical summaries will be available to instructors shortly after the due date for grade submission by logging in with your long form email ( at 

Below is a list of classes currently assigned to you in the SmartEvals system. Please review them for accuracy and contact courseevals if you have questions: