Business Communication in a Time of Difficult Communication — David Rhoa

David C. RhoaVisiting Asst Prof of Economics and Business.July 2020 Spring 2020 was the first offering of BSUN/ECON 285 Business Communication. The course was designed from the ground up to be an interactive program that encouraged student engagement and discussion. When we switched to the distance-learning model, I had to scrap most of my planned […]

Using Moodle Feedback — Elizabeth Manwell

I used “feedback” in  Moodle to create a quick quiz/assignment that I used to gauge reading comprehension of the “theoretical” piece we read in class each week. Giving feedback to students using it was the least elegant aspect, but it was otherwise a good and quick way to check their understanding of the main points.

Two assignments that take advantage of distance learning to make profound connections — Mark McDonald

Foreign correspondent and bureau chief for IHT, Knight Ridder, New York Times, etc. Author of the new PTSD novel, Off the X, Mark McDonald (K73) returned to Kalamazoo this winter and spring to teach two courses in Journalism. Two interview-based assignments that I used in the Winter and Spring terms seemed particularly successful with the […]

The Simplest Way to Record Video Lectures up to 15 minutes: Microsoft Stream

Everybody at the College has access to a suite of Microsoft programs. Among them is a video sharing platform called Stream. The built-in capabilities of that program make it the easiest way I’ve found to record a video lecture that includes a picture-in-picture webcam video of you presenting the lecture. The one limitation to be […]

Use Teams to record a video lecture

There are lots of solutions for recording video lectures that include your webcam image. Here’s one that doesn’t require any extra software. We’ll use the Microsoft programs Teams and Stream, both of which are available free to every member of the K community, to record a video lecture about recording video lectures! The key things […]

Creating Breakout Groups in Teams with Channels — Kathryn Sederberg

Kathryn Sederberg (German Studies) In this post, I share how I used channels in Microsoft Teams to create small groups similar to Zoom breakout rooms, in which students can meet to work on a task and the instructor can “drop in” and move between groups during synchronous class sessions. In my classroom (the one with […]

Five Things: What students are telling us about online courses at K

We’ve had one term of practice with online learning at K College. The lessons learned will be needed right away as we plan for a future of hybrid course design and delivery that we hope will be robust in the face of uncertain public health environment in this time of Covid-19. Throughout the spring quarter, […]

Five Things: Make a Personal Connection with Video

As K College instructors, we’re really good at making a personal connection with our students face to face.  In the social distancing world, our contact with students involves a lot more video.  Here are five things that will help with making better personal connection with students and colleagues through video: Get the right angle Get […]