Boosting Response Rates for Online Course Evaluations in Your Online Course

For fall 2020, the student response rate to online course evaluations at K was 65%. In the paper-and-pencil era of course evaluations, response rates to the the in-class surveys were typically around 90% — dependent simply on the proportion of students in attendance on evaluation day. Winter 2020 was the first term of online course […]

Building in Asynchronous Participation with Discussion Leadership — Mika Kennedy

While the phrase “discussion leadership” typically brings to mind the work one does to facilitate a conversation in real-time, the shift to virtual learning due to COVID-19 invited two elephants into my Zoom room: The grim likelihood that our students would be facing a lot more disruption to their ability to attend class regularly, and […]

I’m digging many parts of remote learning — Brittany Liu

Building community I had 26 students in class, and I split up ice-breaker intros over week 1.  A surprise blessing of Teams was that I could use the stream to post stories, pics of my cats, pics of my kids’ Halloween costumes, articles and funny memes relevant to class.  It felt  like a relaxed way […]

Class Teams from Quarter to Quarter — Josh Moon

In addition to Moodle and other resources, many instructors have adopted Teams to organize their online classes.  Teams is designed to put de-centralized control in the hands of owners and users. While offering support and training, this has been the spirit that Information Services has maintained for using Teams. Now that we’ve completed two quarters using this platform, we […]

Five Things: Moodle Grading Workflows to fit my Many Moods.

Thing 1: The Quick Grading option The name says it all! When I click on a Moodle assignment, I’m presented with two buttons below. For Quick Grading, I’ll choose View all submissions The result is a screen (screenshot below) that shows all the enrolled students, a link to each submission that opens in a separate […]

No Really—I’m going to use Moodle to write better recommendation letters.

OK, hear me out. I just noticed something that will make writing recommendation letters for students in my class. So. Much. Easier. And better informed. Going forward, I’ll use a slick grade reporting feature of Moodle to quickly re-acquaint me with student work so that I can share detailed impressions that in the past I […]

Five Things: Setting up my Moodle Gradebook to Match my Syllabus.

“How did my grade get so low? In Moodle it looks like I’m getting a B” Student. Students read the syllabus, right? Every course I teach has a syllabus section like in the screenshot below. It is completely clear that I use the percentages given there to compute students’ course grades. Trouble is that while […]

Customized Questions at SmartEvals

It is now possible for individual instructors at K, if desired, to include customized questions (up to 5 per course) in their course evaluations at SmartEvals. Here’s a short (3.5 minute) video demonstrating the procedure. If you want to jump right in, scroll down to see screenshots of the three important steps

We need to talk about the size of your email inbox — Josh Moon

Information Services is in the midst of a long-term project to eventually migrate our email server to a “cloud” based Office 365 system.  When this happens – likely by the end of this academic year – email quotas will substantially increase. While email attachments are quick and familiar, sending files to each other can fill […]

Importing a previous course into your new Moodle site — Josh Moon

Once registration for the new term is completed, a new Moodle site will be automatically generated for your courses. If you’ve used Moodle to organize a course in the past, it is really convenient to import that existing setup into the new course. Here’s a quick video from Josh Moon showing you how to do […]