No Really—I’m going to use Moodle to write better recommendation letters.

OK, hear me out.

I just noticed something that will make writing recommendation letters for students in my class. So. Much. Easier. And better informed. Going forward, I’ll use a slick grade reporting feature of Moodle to quickly re-acquaint me with student work so that I can share detailed impressions that in the past I would have forgotten.

Suppose a student from my spring class asks for a letter to support her application to grad school. (This isn’t a hypothetical example!) I go to the Moodle page for that class, select Gear icon, and then Gradebook Setup, and then User Report from the dropdown menu at the upper left

select user report from the dropdown menu

I select the individual student with the dropdown menu on the right of the resulting screen

select user with the dropdown menu

Now the user report looks something like this excerpt:

A table with a line for every assignment.  one column contains my feedback comments for each assignment.

Notice how I can see my feedback to this student for every assignment. A few minutes with this information reminds me about my day-by-day impressions of this student’s work.

For this to be visible, I need to have all my assignments set up to allow Feedback Comments.

Feedback types checkboxes:  Feedback comments, Annotate PDF, Feedback files, Offline grading worksheet

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