COMP 105 Introduction to Computer Science — Alyce Brady

Enrollment: 32 students

Usually would meet 4 times a week (3 lecture/mini-lab classes and a full lab each week); there are usually 2 lab sections of approx. 15 students each.

Under normal circumstances, the most valuable interpersonal interactions are during the lab/mini-lab times, when students work side-by-side, asking questions and comparing approaches, and I circulate, checking in with students and answering questions.  Clustering around laptop screens is the norm.  Since this is the antithesis of social distancing, our most significant interactions will move to software-based screen sharing.

For the fall, there are 32 students enrolled. I plan to break them up into 4 sections of 8 students each, since that is a reasonable “covid-cap” for the lab/classroom space. I will probably also break each section into 2 smaller “support groups” of 4 students each.  My plan for Week 1 (and possibly Week 2) is to meet with each section twice in person, once during a usual class time and once during the lab.  The focus will be on introductions, community-building, and answering questions.  Content engagement (reading, short videos, mini-labs) will be asynchronous, on their own.

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