COMP 320 Principles of Programming Languages — Alyce Brady

(Spring 2020, Re-envisioned for future hybrid offering)

Enrollment: 37 students  (should have been more like 15)

Under normal circumstances, this course meets three times a week for a mixture of lecture, some group-work, and weekly presentations by students.  When enrollment is high, students present in small groups with each group presenting just once in the quarter.  With smaller enrollments, students have presented individually or more than once.

In Spring 2020 we went completely online and, since this course had students in South Korea, San Diego, and many places in between, completely asynchronous.  Given the number of students, I switched from weekly homework assignments to weekly reflective journal entries, a successful change that I intend to keep regardless of the size or format of the course in the future.  One thing I would do differently, though, would be to add a synchronous component consisting of the student presentations and possibly a class-wide Q&A.

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