Five Things: Moodle tips and tricks — Josh Moon

  1. Change activity dates in one place with The “Dates” Report
  2. Letting Students Upload Directly to a Folder
  3. Check Forum Posts in Student Profiles
  4. “Move Right” and “Move Left” for visual organization
  5. A little HTML can go a long way
A 2.5 minute video with Josh’s top 5 Moodle tricks

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4 thoughts on “Five Things: Moodle tips and tricks — Josh Moon

  1. I really like the solid line, but it is too thin and grey. I recommend a thinker line in K orange…

  2. A thicker, orange line is good, Patrik, but it requires a bit more HTML. I wanted to keep it simple. If you want to code it, go for it!

    1. Here’s one way to get the thicker orange line 🙂

      inside the angle brackets of the hr tag, paste
      height=”5″ style=”color:orange;background-color:orange;”

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