Displaying An iPad Screen On a Mac (e.g., to embed a whiteboard in a recorded Teams meeting) — Alyce Brady

This 4 minute video describes the use of QuickTime to display an iPad’s screen on a Mac. The specific context that motivated this video was to describe one of several ways to share a whiteboard in a Teams meeting, especially if you want to record the meeting for students to refer back to. (At the current time, the Microsoft Whiteboard app will not get recorded in Teams meeting recordings.)

The tl;dr version of this is to

  • connect the iPad to the laptop with the appropriate cord,
  • bring up QuickTime on the laptop,
  • choose New Movie Recording,
  • choose “iPad” from the pull-down menu next to the red Record button,
  • but do not start recording.  This will display the iPad screen in the Mac’s QuickTime window, which you can share in Teams using screen sharing.

Alternate Version

A different approach is to start a Teams meeting on your laptop, bring up Teams on the iPad also and join the existing meeting.  You will now be in the meeting twice, from two different devices.  (Make sure to turn the microphone and speaker off on one of the two devices.)  Choose to Share from the iPad (under the “…” option), then switch to whatever app you want to share from the iPad.  As always, you can record the meeting from the laptop.

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