Econ275/Busn 275 Industrial Organization and Public Policy — Chuck Stull

I taught this class in the Spring, so the online backbone is already in place. This is a combination of my videos, readings, responses to the videos and readings, quizzes, industry research, and some optional materials. This part is all asynchronous. These will be opened Monday morning and due Sunday night.

The new part will be the synchronous, on-campus elements. For this I plan to divide my class into 6 groups of roughly 5 students each. On Monday, I will meet with groups A&B; on Wednesday groups C&D; and Friday groups E&F. The in-person activities will be a combination of problem-solving, short cases, discussion, and quizzes based on the previous week’s material. For me, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be a repeat, but with different students, since I’ll use the same activities.

On class days, groups who don’t meet with me will meet remotely with their smaller group to discuss and post responses to discussion questions.

Schematic Diagram of workload in an example week of BUSN/ECON 275. The content of this diagram is written above in a format suitable for screen reader software.

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