Friday at Four: Week 9

Friday, November 11, 4-5pm, DE206

Join Alison Geist and members of the Mellon Initiative in follow-up discussions to the day-long Project Based Learning workshop help in September.

Many of you attended the Problem-Based Learning Workshop in September.

It’s been a while, but we’d like to get together and talk about what we learned and how to use it here.   

Several of you have already been trying out some PBL approaches; we’d like to hear from you about that. And we’ll discuss whether there are more PBL strategies we could adapt for courses and programs.

As you’ll recall, the Provost’s Office, with Mellon funds, will give a $250 stipend to a faculty member who uses PBL with students this year, assesses its effectiveness, and shares it, simply and usefully.

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