Fall Colloquium on Teaching and Learning, Tuesday, September 10, 2019

“Engaging Students in the Classroom”

Hicks Banquet Room

8:30 Breakfast

9:00  Land Acknowledgement

President Gonzalez  welcome and introduce new Provost

9:10  Provost Johnson

9:20  Rick welcomes and introduces new faculty

9:30  Kelly Frost, Library: Beyond Google: A New Perspective

We’ve been using Beyond Google to introduce students to college-level research for over eight years now. We’ll share data collected last year and the changes we’ve made for this coming year.

9:50 Alyce Brady, Computer Science: Inclusive, Growth-focused Assessment

I will introduce several mechanisms we use for assessing work, especially active learning tasks (individual and group), that allow us to focus more on growth than endpoint knowledge of specific facts/details (which gives a big advantage to students with more prior experience).  My hope is that these concrete examples will encourage group conversations of other approaches that colleagues have used or might use in their own disciplines.

10:10 Josh Hartman, Classics:  Motivation, Mindset, and Games in the Intro Greek Classroom

This talk explores the incorporation of a term-length game into an introductory language classroom, particularly its potential effect on student motivation and the development of a growth mindset. ​

10:40 Andrew Kim, Workspace Futures at Steelcase Inc.: The Case for Space: Designing Learning-Centered Environments

Andrew applies human-centered design research methods to support new market strategies and product development efforts. His areas of interests include blended learning, large active learning classrooms, makerspaces, creativity and the cognitive science of learning.

11 Break

11:15 Breakout sessions

12 Lunch in Stone Room

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