General Guidelines

A student’s disability must be documented and registered with the Dean of Students Office first before you can provide formal accommodations.

Faculty typically receive official notification that a student is entitled to disability accommodations from Student Development after the Add/Drop period (second week of the quarter).

It is important that you alter formal requirements for student performance/participation only upon receipt of official notification by Student Development.

HOWEVER: your teaching methods may be adapted at any time in order to make your course accessible to students with different learning abilities and/or limitations.

Students with disabilities are themselves an important resource. Spend some dedicated time with your student at the beginning of your class; get to know the student and ask what their prior learning experiences have been like. What has worked well for them? What has not worked well?

Questions? Dean Karen Joshua-Wathel and Associate Provost Laura Furge are your resources. Contact Dean Joshua ( with questions about formal disability accommodations, and Laura Furge ( with any questions about classroom practice or teaching methods.

Ideas and suggestions for technical and computing solutions for retooling your course for students with visual, hearing or other ability challenges is available from Kalamazoo College’s educational technologist, Josh Moon (