Friday at Four: Week 2

September 27 2019, 4-5pm, DE206

Let’s talk about switching to online Course Evaluations.

Last Spring the Teaching and Learning Committee conducted a pilot study of an online format for student course evaluations.  The survey questions were identical to the traditional pencil-and-paper format, but the students responded online using their choice of devices:  computers, tablets, phones, etc. 

A key question was “how will the quantity and quality of student feedback be affected by the format of the evaluation?”  I think the results from the pilot study indicate that we can expect no effect whatsoever from the format change in those areas of concern!

At the 2nd week faculty meeting, TLC presented some results from that pilot study and invited faculty feedback on the full-scale implementation of the online format.

In the Teaching Commons this Friday, representatives from the Faculty Personnel Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee will be available for conversations with interested faculty. Pre-tenure colleagues are especially encouraged to join us!

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