Creating a Sense of Belonging

What we say & How we behave (etiquette and inclusive practices):
Avoid using the word “handicap.”

Students with disabilities like blindness or deafness are students and persons first and foremost.

Make eye contact, speak directly to the student, and feel free to ask if assistance is needed—please don’t assume it is.

Be sure to include a statement in your course syllabus that empowers disabled students to seek the assistance to which they are entitled. A statement like the following represents standard Language on inclusion for course syllabi:

Kalamazoo College seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities. If you need accommodation, please give reasonable prior notice to me as well as Disability Services, who will work with you to make arrangements for accommodations. Please visit the College’s Disability Services web page or call the Associate Dean of Students Office at 269.337.7209 for detailed information.