Kalamazoo College is committed to equal access to our programs and courses of study for all students. Prior to adopting formal accommodations for a disabled student*, make sure to consult with the Student Development Disability Services website.

Assistive Technologies at K College

Common assistive technologies include the following:

  • Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART): CART is a captioning service for live activities such as classes, lectures, discussions etc. created to assist deaf students.
  • Perkins Brailler: Blind students may use a Perkins Brailler to create texts in Braille, but such devices are gradually being replaced by laptop computer applications. Consult with your blind student prior to or during the first few days of a new term to make sure s/he has what will be necessary to complete coursework.
  • Additional Testing Time: Extra time on timed tests is appropriate for both blind and deaf students. Blind students may be assisted by arranging for a sighted reader to read test questions aloud.
  • Working with Library Resources: Some students may require special assistance gaining access to databases or other library resources. At times, video material may need to be captioned or have transcripts prepared. When designing research projects, faculty should keep in mind the needs of students with sensory or mobility limitations and contact colleagues in the library at to make arrangement for access in advance.
  • Disability Services: Before putting such measures in place, consult with Dean Joshua-Wathel via email at and Disability Services to make sure we have the right, supported measures in place for each student.


Always verify that a student has registered her/his disability with Student Development before putting accommodations in place. If you have not received an official accommodations letter, contact the Dean of Students Office at 269.337.7209.